Die Arianna Huffington der 1870s…

In einem neuen Buch scheint es weiteres Quellenmaterial aus Victoria Woodhulls Zeitung, dem „Woodhull and Claflin’s Weekly“ zu geben: Robin Blackburn: An Unfinished Revolution. Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln (Verso 2011). In seiner Besprechung schreibt Michael Patrick Brady:

Blackburn’s writing is taut, intelligent, and compelling. He packs an astonishing amount of information into a scant hundred pages, providing a fresh and powerful look at Civil War politics and social issues. An Unfinished Revolution is also valuable for its large appendix of primary sources, which includes not only relevant writings and lectures by Lincoln and Marx, but also scene-setting excerpts from Thomas Fortune’s classic Black and White and articles from the Woodhull & Claflin Weekly. Blackburn provides an amusing characterization of the latter publication’s editor, Victoria Woodhull, a free-loving, controversial progressive activist who the author calls “the Arianna Huffington of the 1870s.”

Bleibt nur die Frage: Wer ist Arianna Huffington?

(Nur, damit es keine Missverständnisse gibt, ich weiß natürlich, wer Arianna Huffington ist. Ein schmeichelhafter Vergleich jedenfalls – für beide Seiten!)

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